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Phasion 350 BWOur story is about combining our two passions for both wine and fashion, so why not create a winery that focuses on both. Fashion Estates Winery was founded on creativity, personality, originality and  having fun.

Wine and fashion share a lot of common traits between each other as they are present and enrich our lives by sharing in our experiences and self creativity. At Fashion we feel that wine and fashion are creative expressions of us. That it is a creative vision that allows us to be unique and one of a kind. It helps us to tell our own stories whether it’s at a special event or at your best friend’s weekend BBQ.

Fashion Estates Winery has worked hard to design one of a kind staggeringly unique Okanagan Valley wines. We have chosen the best available grapes, and the best quality ingredients for our products. We have produced premium elegant vintages that we hope will be that creative entity to share your best memories and stories.

Let Fashion Estates Winery help find your sense of originality through elegance, class and style.

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 Our Fashion Designers


Jenn Triggs

Born in Victoria, BC, and raised in Calgary, Alberta. Jenn is the president and founder of Fashion Estates Winery, a new venture she decided to undertake in June 2013. With 15 years in the telecommunications industry she decided to point her career in a new direction, entrepreneurship. After being reunited with her family after 30 years she was quite inspired by their passion and dedication to the wine industry, she sought out advice from her cousin and was then introduced to Mark Simpson. She has been mentoring with Mark for over three years. She is enjoying every minute of it and hasn’t looked back. She is excited to be a part of a vibrant wine community and hopes to make a difference in the wine community the way her family has for the past 30 years. You can find Jenn hosting wine events for charitable causes, joining wine festivals, and being a Canadian wine advocate in her local town of Oliver. She looks forward to seeking out her own vineyard and winery site in the next couple of years.


markMark Simpson

Our winemaker Mark Simpson has twenty-three years experience in food and beverage manufacturing. He has extensive experience in product development, supply chain management and purchasing, quality assurance, public relations and marketing. Mark has had a keen interest in fermentation since graduating from the UBC Microbiology program in 1982. He started his career with Molson Breweries, working with their core brands, as well as brewing international brands. He then went onto join RJ Spagnols Wine and Beer Making Products for Vincor International, in a winemaking role as Director of Research, Development and Quality Assurance.

Mark’s support during the Fashion Estates Winery project has been paramount in the project’s success. His keen eye has ensured the best quality wine was designed for the Fashion Estates Winery. His unique techniques and careful precision was apparent early on in the project. Mark’s continuous drive to design a stylish wine collection has truly fulfilled my vision for the Fashion Estates Winery.

Fashion Estates Winery thanks you for your industry expertise and continued mentor-ship and most importantly bringing a high quality wine collection to our customers.


® Registered TM 2012 Fashion Estates

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shimmer | catch the light | colour

2014- This classy Pinot Gris starts with aromas of lemon zest, green apples, and stone peaches. The palate offers notes of zesty lime, pears, and minerality while finishing off with hints of lemon pepper.

This wine pairs well with a variety of poultry, pasta, and seafood dishes.

Rating: 87 points

$21.99 CAD + taxes

13.4 % alc. vol

Iridescent Specifications

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Phasion Tres Chic 72ppi FINAL

Tres Chic

stylish | very fashionable | desirable

2013 – This elegant chardonnay starts with aromas of lemon meringue, melon, ginger ale, and coconut. The palate offers tropical notes of pineapple, papaya, and candied lemon, while finishing off with hints of vanilla and gingerbread.

This wine pairs well with a variety of poultry, pasta, and seafood dishes.

Rating: 88 points

$22.99 CAD + taxes

14.6 % alc. vol

Tres Chic Specifications

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Phasion Haute Couture 72ppi FINAL

Haute Couture

handmade | staggeringly unique | one of a kind

2012 -70% Merlot & 30% Cabernet Sauvignon Blend. This classy medium bodied bordeaux blend starts with a sweet raisin, stewed fig, prune, & rhubarb nose. With its deep ruby color, this blend offers black cherry, plum, and berries on your palate, while finishing off with a hint of spice.

This wine pairs well with a variety of grilled dishes, pasta, and Thai dishes.





Voted Judges Selection for top bordeaux blend in the 2014 Alberta Beverage Awards.

Rating: 90 points

$23.99 CAD + taxes

13.6 % alc. vol

Haute Couture Specifications

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Phasion Glitterati 72ppi FINAL


elite | rich | fashionable


2012-57% Merlot/13% Malbec/30% Cabernet Franc blend. This glamorous full bodied blend starts with sweet black currant, stewed fig and a tobacco nose. The deep ruby colour enriches this blend’s black cherry,plum, and chocolate notes, while finishing off with a hint of toasted espresso and pepper.

This wine pairs well with a variety of grilled and braised beef, duck, and lamb dishes.

BC Award logo



2015 Best of BC Varietal Awards Finalist winner for the Meritage Blend Merlot Dominated category.

Rating: 91 points

$24.99 CAD + taxes

13.1% alc. vol

Glitterati Specifications

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Our Stylish Reviews

Bob Bell-Wines of Canada

“2011 Haute Couture a truly great wine nice armous (fresh raisins) good body full of flavour, black cherry and berries 70% Merlot & 30% Cabernet Sauvignon Blend slight spice on the finish. Rating 95 points.”

” 2012 Tres Chic a stylish desirable chardonnay with delicate flavours of fresh fruits pineapple, papaya. The wine says more please with a unique finish providing hints of ginger. Rating 93 points.”

Adrian Bryska-YYC Wine

“2012 Glitterati-Complex with fruit notes of cherry, plum, raspberry. Secondary notes of oak, vanilla, wet rock with hints of leathery spice. Rating 91 points.”


Please enjoy our products responsibly

® Registered TM 2012 Fashion Estates

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Our Latest Press Releases


Calgary is Awesome: Matt Beauchamp captured our vision and story behind our winery in the December edition of Calgary is Awesome.


CBC Time for Wine: Our wines were featured on the CBC radio one in Victoria, BC for the Time for Wine morning broadcast, as part of the Art of Wine segment. The host Troy Townsin offered his expert palate for our Tres Chic chardonnay.


Culinaire Magazine: Our 2011 Haute Couture was featured in the October edition of the Culinaire magazine for our judges selection award in the Bordeaux blend category.


City Palate: Our winery was featured in the November/December edition of the City Palate, detailing our wines and award win.


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® Registered TM 2012 Fashion Estates

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