The Wine Glamour

Emerging Entrepreneur Scholarship Award

Posted on 28 May 2015 in Phasion | 0 comments

So honored to be chosen for the Emerging Entrepreneur Scholarship presented by the Distinguished Business Leader Awards. Thank you so much Calgary Chamber & Momentum.

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Another stylish win

Posted on 03 May 2015 in Phasion | 0 comments

We are so grateful to announce our latest award win for our 2012 Glitterati. It took home the finalist win for the 2015 Best of BC Varietal Awards for the Meritage Blend Merlot Dominated category. This competition recognizes the best and top 5% of submitted BC wines in several different categories. This award competition has […]

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How to grow vines

Posted on 20 Mar 2015 in Phasion | 0 comments

Vines are multi purpose with many uses ranging from jam, table grapes, baked goods, and most importantly wine. There are different types of vines that will produce different type of grapes, some more suited for wine versus jam or baked goods. Here are 12 basic steps to grow your vines; 1. Pick a type of […]

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How to prune a vine

Posted on 13 Mar 2015 in Phasion | 0 comments

Vines are a very vigorous plant, and require a lot of pruning because of this factor. In fact most of the maintenance for the vines is pruning as they can grow very fast and out of control. Vines only need 4-5 vines per plant for them to produce grape clusters, the rest is overkill. Here […]

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How to store wine

Posted on 06 Mar 2015 in Phasion | 0 comments

Some wines have been around for hundreds of years. Aging wines and properly storing both are important elements in preserving the wines delicate structures through the aging process. Here are 7 steps to properly store wine to ensure you can savour every sip even if it’s 20 years later. 1. Keep it in the Dark-Wines […]

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How to taste wine

Posted on 27 Feb 2015 in Phasion | 0 comments

The world of wine allows you to understand the complex beverage. This beverage has soo many layers of smells, tastes, and colours that all define each wine in a unique way. There are 8 steps to truly enjoy all the facets of this beverage. 1. Look at the wine, while concentrating on the edges of […]

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